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High Speed Flat Web to Intricate 3D Robotic Treating

Introducing our new Hybrid Burner!

Taking legacy light years ahead!

Designed to replace a standard, tri-zone or distributor burner, the Hybrid Burner approach enables the retrofitting of any typical commercial oven. 

This unique design brings electrification of industrial baking ovens a little closer.

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Flynn Burner incorporates state-of-the-art combustion technology, with years of process experience in both bakery and flame treating industries. Whether it is a simple bushing, a water-cooled burner or entire oven control system, we have what you need.

Flynn Burner is equipped with innovative ideas and solutions to streamline your bakery business including the legendary BakeNet™️ control system.

Use your phone or tablet to control your process. Sit back while our intelligent systems verify all the safety controls and simply wait for the email to say it is complete. Whether you need parts, service or upgrades, Flynn has got it all and we are here for you.

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Baking Applications

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Flame Treating Applications


Baking Components

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Flame Treating Components

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Baking Burners


Flame Treating Burners


Banner-Day has moved on and is no longer supporting the baking industry.
Flynn Burner, however, remains committed to supplying the baking industry with all of your needs and can assist in the transition from existing Banner Day equipment. Flynn offers electrodes, a full range of solenoid valves, ir burners, piping, mixers and ribbon burners of all lengths and styles. Whether you need a single rajah connector or a complete 250 burner BakeNet™ DSI upgrade simply send us your request or contact Flynn on (854) BAKENET or (704) 660-1500 for your total combustion needs.

About Us

Mr. J. Harold Flynn was born in New Haven, Connecticut on March 11, 1899. He went on to study engineering at the Pratt Institute of Technology in Brooklyn, graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering. In 1946 he established Flynn Burner Corporation.
Harold Flynn served as president and CEO of Flynn Burner for over 30 years during which he shaped the combustion industry as we have come to know it today.

Harold passed away on January 6th, 1978, at the age of 78. His quality and innovation are witnessed here today in Mooresville NC and his legacy remains clearly in the family of personnel who are now simply known as Flynn.



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Our Clients Say

I highly recommend Flynn Burner Company; I have worked with them for jobs in the past and will absolutely work with them in the future. If you want a company that is professional, easy to work with, and provides high-quality services, Flynn Burner Company is it.

Tony Seneri

Director of Engineering - Freund Baking Company

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