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Our Hybrid Burner is a cutting-edge solution for efficient and clean combustion. Designed with precision and innovation, it combines the benefits of different fuel sources for optimal performance. With its advanced technology, it offers enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The versatile design allows for seamless integration into various burner systems. Trust in the quality and sustainability of our Hybrid Burner for exceptional combustion efficiency and environmentally-friendly operation.


The gas can be used to boost power or simply used to shorten heat up times. It can be turned on and off at will to leave you with just gas, just electric or both. It can be configured with the same BTU/hr rating for both gas and electric or if using the gas for just warm up, the electrical side can be downgraded to approx. 30% thus limiting the electrical supply.


Max power = 30 watts per square inch

Total tubular heaters = 3 or 6 depending on btu/hr requirements

Infinite turndown for precise control


The unique design of the hybrid burner, brings electrification of industrial baking ovens a little closer with a cleaner, greener emission free source of heat.

Hybrid Burner

  • Spec Sheet



    Full specification


    Power source 120Vac, 266Vac, 330Vac, 460Vac, 575Vac
    Max Length 25ft (7.5m)
    Maximum power 30watts per square inch
    Overall power 135,000 btu/hr (40kW)
    Current draw 50A (typical 148” length) per burner
    Configuration 3 or 6 tubular elements, 100% electric or combination elec/gas


    Advantages of hybrid vs full electrical

    The hybrid approach enables a faster warm up time and can boost the electrical process lag. On larger commercial ovens this can be seen as advantageous after a shutdown. The oven would purge as normal and light on either just gas or a combination of both gas and electricity. Once the oven has been “towed” up to setpoint, the gas is shut off allowing a cleaner bake. If there is a process upset, the gas can be reignited again to return to the baking parameters. A full electrical approach is much slower to react either warming up or cooling down.

    By running an oven this way, the output of either gas or electricity can be cut back making the large electrical supply more manageable and realistic.

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