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Flynn Burner 

Mr. J. Harold Flynn was born in New Haven, Connecticut on March 11, 1899. He went on to study engineering at the Pratt Institute of Technology in Brooklyn, graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering. In 1946 he established Flynn Burner Corporation.
Harold Flynn served as president and CEO of Flynn Burner for over 30 years during which he shaped the combustion industry as we have come to know it today.

Harold passed away on January 6th, 1978, at the age of 78. His quality and innovation are witnessed here today in Mooresville NC and his legacy remains clearly in the family of personnel who are now simply known as Flynn.


Flame use:




Surface types:



Snack Foods
Non Wovens



A vast array of burners are available for your custom applications, whether it is replacement of the original burners that you have had for 60 years or replacement with new technology in the footprint of an old burner. Be your oven as old as the company itself or the latest stainless steel flagship, even conceptual. Distributor burners for cookies, Tri-Zone burners for bread. Infra red burners for drying, melting or caramelizing.

Flynn can provide any burner for any oven no matter how large or small, wide or narrow.  Pipe burners, extruded burners, water cooled burners. Whatever your needs are or even if you don’t know what your needs are, we are here for you, to supply and assist.


Flynn has evolved from simple burners to being the heart of today’s baking industry. The BakeNet™ system has provided unrivaled success in process control by eliminating flash-heat and providing stability in moisture control and consistency. The software has turned the simplest box of burners into an advanced control system where even the air gas ratio can be controlled to minimize the emissions as required more often than not by the environmental authorities.


Whether you need a simple igniter or 200 flame relays, we can support your request, often by overnighting the products so they're ready when you need them most. A new facility in NC holds stock of the everyday components and a large manufacturing facility sitting on a 26 acre site can custom build any urgent demands.


Surface Treating

Surface treating includes surface modification for labeling or printing, surface roughening, activating surface adhesion prior to laminating, deflashing, burning particles such as fibers or dust, cleaning contaminates such as lubricants, surface curing, perforating, etc….  These are some of the surface treatment applications which Flynn is known for worldwide in the manufacturing of custom equipment.

Surface Treating – 3D Parts

One of Flynn’s premier specialties is the treatment of 3D objects which include automotive parts, toys, bottles, cosmetics, molded parts, electronic parts, etc. Flynn manufactures components, as well as complete turnkey systems with full combustion controls, conveyors, turn tables and slide mechanisms.

Flynn can manufacture a system to treat virtually any part.

Surface Treating – Flat Web

Flynn has been emerging as the world leader in the flame treatment of flat webs including paper, foils, films, non-woven, wovens, and so on. Flynn’s dedication to customer satisfaction, technical service, and system design has led to their success.


Technical Reports 

Flynn engineers have written and will continue to write technical papers and presentations, which are shared within industries Flynn serves. These papers come as a result of research, development and hard work. All this leads to maintaining the latest technologies and innovations in the system designs



Flynn offers a wide range of services from educational and training seminars to technical assistance on the phone as well as onsite. We also offer engineering on specific projects, lab testing on 3D parts and flat webs. Short term and long term rentals of treaters and plasma analyzers are also available, as well as a source on invaluable information for the industries which we serve.

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