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The Flynn Unimixer® 3 FUM is an innovative proportional mixing device that utilizes air pressure to effectively entrain combustible gas and deliver the mixture to burners. It is designed to provide exceptional performance by offering high mixture pressures and precise air-gas proportions at all firing rates, especially when used with zero pressure gas. The versatility of the Flynn Unimixer® 3 FUM allows it to be used with either a compressed air supply or a conventional air blower, providing flexibility to suit different requirements.


To adjust the air-gas mixture for optimal performance, follow these steps:


Begin by removing cap "A".


Turn the air valve to a half-open position, and open the gas valve fully.


Locate the gas ratio screw underneath cap "A" and turn it completely inward (clockwise). Then, back it out 3 or 4 turns (counterclockwise).


It is important not to make any further adjustments until the flame has been established.


Once the flame is established, fine-tune the gas ratio screw to achieve a sharp, silvery blue flame without any traces of yellowness at the tip.


After achieving the desired flame, securely replace cap "A".


Note that the setting of the gas ratio screw should not be changed after the initial adjustment.


To turn the flame on or off, utilize the gas cock control.


By following these instructions, you can optimize the performance of your Unimixer® 3 FUM and ensure efficient and reliable combustion in your system.

Unimixer® 3 FUM

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