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The Flynn Series "T" 3-slot high capacity burners find extensive application in flame treating various plastic products such as bottles, toys, coolers, syringes, and other plastic fabricated items. These burners are designed to facilitate optimal adhesion by subjecting the items to a controlled flame treatment before labeling, printing, or decorating processes.


Engineered with a patented 3-slot stainless steel ribbon construction, these burners deliver a high capacity, uniform flame that resembles a sharp-edged knife. This design feature enables a wide range of turndown capabilities, accommodating diverse operational requirements.


The burners offer versatile compatibility, allowing for the use of natural gas, L.P. gas, or MFG. gas, making them suitable for universal operation. Additionally, they can be seamlessly integrated with an air-gas mixing system, utilizing either a compressed air supply or a conventional combustion air blower for enhanced combustion efficiency.





DP No.DesignationFlame SpaceOperating CapacityMinimum CapacityMaximum CapacityMixer Size
068000T-1302"10,0004,00036,0003 FUM
069500T-5304-1/4"21,4008,50063,7006 FUM
069600T-5316"30,00012,00090,0006 FUM
069700T-5328"40,00016,000120,0006 FUM
069800T-53310"50,00020,000150,0006 FUM
069900T-53412"60,00024,000180,0006 FUM
068200T-1406"30,00012,00090,0006 FUM
068300T-1418"40,00016,000120,0006 FUM




T Series Triple Slot Burners

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