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Our "T" Series single-slot burners are designed to meet the demands of precision flame treatment and direct-flame applications. Crafted with cast iron bodies and stainless steel ribbon ports, these burners offer exceptional durability and performance.


With their advanced design, our "T" Series burners deliver a remarkably even and stable flame distribution across the entire range of turndown. Whether you require a short or long flame length, our burners can be customized to meet your specific needs, providing an almost unlimited variety of flame lengths.


Ideal for flame-treating fabricated plastic items and a wide range of direct-flame applications, our single-slot "T" burners excel in delivering precise heat for various industrial processes.


Operating with natural gas, manufactured gas, or L.P gas, our "T" burners incorporate an efficient air-gas mixing system. This system utilizes either a compressed air supply or a conventional combustion air blower to achieve optimal combustion and maintain consistent flame performance.


Key Features of our "T" Series Single-Slot Burners:


  • Exceptional Flame Distribution: Enjoy a consistently even and stable flame across the entire turndown range.

  • Customizable Flame Length: Tailor the flame length to your specific requirements for precise heat treatment.

  • Durable Construction: Cast iron bodies and stainless steel ribbon ports ensure long-lasting performance.

  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for flame-treating fabricated plastic items and a range of direct-flame processes.

  • Compatibility: Compatible with natural gas, manufactured gas, and L.P gas, with an efficient air-gas mixing system.

Experience the reliability and versatility of our "T" Series single-slot burners for your industrial flame applications. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and explore how our burners can enhance your operations.





Part NoDesignationFlame SpaceOperating CapacityMinimum CapacityMaximum CapacityMixer Size
068500T-5202”6,0002,00012,0001 FUM
068600T-5213-3/4”11,0004,00022,0002 FUM
068700T-5225-3/4”17,0006,00030,0003 FUM
068800T-52310”30,00010,00050,0003 FUM
069000T-52511-3/8”33,00011,50054,0006 FUM
071800T-53815-3/8”36,00016,00056,0006 FUM
071900T-53918”38,00018,00058,0006 FUM
066700T-1146”15,0006,00030,0003 FUM
066770T-1158”20,0008,00040,0003 FUM
068150T-13911”27,50011,00050,0006 FUM

T Series Single Slot Burners

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