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Introducing the Flynn Internal Firing Ring Burner, an essential tool for achieving comprehensive flame treatment of plastic bottles, particularly when a complete peripheral treatment is desired. Our burners are expertly designed to generate a consistent and uniform circle of flame, precisely directed towards the center of the ring. They comprise two 180° segments, each capable of independent operation, ensuring maximum flexibility and efficiency.


To seamlessly facilitate the flame treating process, we employ a straightforward system utilizing a carrier and gravity pull on an inclined plane. This setup enables smooth passage of poly-plastic containers or other products through the circular flame, guaranteeing optimal treatment.


By utilizing our flame treating or finishing process, you can achieve superior adhesion of printing ink or labeling to the surface of plastic bottles, eliminating concerns of peeling or detachment. Experience the transformative capabilities of the Flynn Internal Firing Ring Burner, ensuring impeccable results for your packaging needs.

Internal Firing Ring Burner

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