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Our Integrated Plasma Analyzer is a cutting-edge solution for comprehensive plasma analysis. Designed with advanced technology, it offers real-time monitoring and measurement of plasma parameters. With its integrated design, it provides a compact and user-friendly solution for plasma diagnostics. The high-quality construction ensures accurate and reliable results. Trust in the precision and functionality of our Integrated Plasma Analyzer for advanced plasma analysis and research applications.

Integrated Plasma Analyzer

  • Spec Sheet



    Full Specifications

    Dimensions 9” D x 24” W x 8.19” H
    Weight 35 lbs
    Sample mixtures Propane, natural gas, LPG
    Sample flow rate Pre-set
    Sample inlet 1/8” compression fitting
    Plasma chamber temperature  ~615°C/1140°F
    Warm-up time 5 to 10 minutes
    Accuracy ± .1 of scale
    Stability ± .1 PV per month
    Repeatability ± .1 PV of reading
    Response Time ~ 10 seconds
    Ambient Temp. 32°F and 112°F (0°C and 45°C)
    Power 120/240 VAC +/- 10% at 50/60 Hz Ships standard at 240 volts 450 watts maximum



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