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Introducing the Flame Manager 24V CE, a cutting-edge product designed to provide efficient ignition and reliable flame monitoring. With its solid-state design, this unit ensures optimal performance and safety. Equipped with a range of features, including an on/off switch, flame fail light, and flame on light, this device offers intuitive control and clear visual indicators. Its completely enclosed and compact size guarantees enhanced protection and seamless integration into any system. The microprocessor-based ignition control ensures precise operation and consistent performance. Additionally, the removable cover simplifies installation and wiring processes, making setup a breeze. Designed for burner capacities of less than 400,000 BTU/HR, this unit offers reliable ignition and comprehensive flame monitoring capabilities. Powered by a 24 VAC 60Hz power source and complying with CE standards, the Flame Manager 24V CE provides a reliable and safe solution for your ignition and flame monitoring needs.

Flame Manager 24V CE

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