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Introducing the Flame Manager 220V, a cutting-edge ignition and flame monitoring solution featuring a solid-state design. Designed for optimal performance, this unit comes equipped with a range of features to ensure efficient and reliable operation. With its user-friendly interface, the Flame Manager 220V offers an accessible on/off switch for convenient control. The inclusion of a flame fail light provides instant visual feedback in case of ignition issues, while the flame-on light indicates successful ignition. Encased in a completely enclosed housing, this compact-sized device offers enhanced safety and protection. The microprocessor-based ignition control ensures precise and dependable performance. Additionally, the removable cover facilitates easy installation and wiring. Ideal for burner capacities under 400,000 BTU/HR, the Flame Manager 220V delivers exceptional ignition and flame monitoring capabilities. Operating at 220 VAC and 60Hz, this product meets the high standards of CSA and FM approval, guaranteeing its compliance with industry regulations and safety standards. Trust the Flame Manager 220V to provide unparalleled reliability and peace of mind for your ignition and flame monitoring needs.

Flame Manager 220V

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