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With its solid state design, this unit offers unparalleled reliability and performance. Equipped with essential features such as an On/Off switch, Flame Fail Light, and Flame On Light, it ensures seamless operation and enhanced safety. The completely enclosed and compact size of the Flame Manager 120V makes it ideal for any space. Powered by a microprocessor-based ignition control, this advanced system guarantees efficient functionality. Installation and wiring are a breeze, thanks to the removable cover that simplifies the process. Designed to handle burner capacities below 400,000 BTU/HR, this unit provides precise ignition and flame monitoring. Furthermore, it operates on 120 VAC 60Hz power supply and holds CSA & FM approvals, assuring compliance with industry standards. Trust the Flame Manager 120V for a reliable and hassle-free solution for your ignition and flame monitoring needs.

Flame Manager 120V

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