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Introducing our Dungs Blocking Valve Gas Train, a reliable and efficient solution for your gas system needs. Our gas trains are pre-piped, painted, and meticulously leak tested to ensure utmost safety and quality. Designed to conform to the latest NFPA 86 standards, these gas trains also meet the rigorous requirements of the Canadian Fuel Gas Code B149.3. Furthermore, they comply with CE (European) standards En 746-2, guaranteeing their adherence to international quality benchmarks.


Our gas trains are available in various versions to suit different installation requirements. Whether you need NPT, JIS (Japanese), or metric versions, we've got you covered. These gas trains can be customized for installation in hazardous locations, including Class I, Division 1 & 2, Class II, Division 1 & 2, and Class III, Division 1 & 2.


The components of our gas train are carefully selected to provide optimal performance. They include an inlet gas cock, inlet strainer, gas pressure gauge, gas pressure reducing regulator, multi-fuel gas shut-off valve, valve proving system, valve closed position switch/indicator, low gas pressure switch, high gas pressure switch, pilot gas valve, pilot gas pressure reducing regulator, pilot solenoid valve, and pilot leak test arrangement.


Our gas trains are available in different pipe train sizes to accommodate various capacities. Ranging from 1" NPT for up to 750,000 BTU/hr, all the way up to 6" NPT for up to 100,000,000 BTU/hr, we offer a comprehensive range to meet your specific needs.


With our Dungs Blocking Valve Gas Train, you can rest assured knowing that you have a dependable and compliant solution that prioritizes safety and performance in your gas system operations.

Dungs Blocking Valve Gas Train

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