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Flynn's high-quality brass burners seamlessly integrate with a wide range of flamers, ensuring compatibility across various applications. Our burners boast a remarkable flame space adjustment capability, enabling rapid line changes within seconds. As a result, your operations experience reduced waste and minimal production downtime, significantly enhancing efficiency.


Our burners are equipped with an exceptional heat-up capability, allowing your production lines to reach critical treating temperatures in a fraction of the time typically required. This expedited heating process optimizes your workflow and accelerates overall productivity.


We offer Flynn's brass burners in both end and bottom fed configurations, providing versatile options to suit your specific needs. These burners are perfectly designed for use with natural gas, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.


Choose from our single-slot unit, which delivers 5,000 btu/in of flame space, ideal for smaller configurations. For larger setups, we offer the three-slot unit, providing an impressive 15,000 btu/in of flame space. This comprehensive range of options allows you to customize your solution precisely to your requirements, ensuring optimal performance at any scale.

Brass BC/EI w/out slide Burner

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