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The 861 burner series features a robust design with extruded aluminum construction, ensuring a single piece structure. This advanced construction incorporates internal water cooling channels that efficiently cool both the front and back of the burner.


By utilizing a one piece construction, potential issues such as water and gas leaks commonly associated with flanged burners are effectively eliminated. Furthermore, the aluminum body of the burner facilitates optimal heat transfer, surpassing the performance of cast iron alternatives. The inclusion of internal water cooling channels ensures the burner remains straight and prevents undesirable bowing or bending. This straight alignment is crucial to maintain the appropriate gap, consequently preserving the quality of the surface treatment.


For enhanced customization and versatility, the burner can be equipped with optional manual deckle rods. These rods enable the adjustment of flame space based on the width of the sheet, resulting in significant energy savings and improved operational efficiency.


The 861 burner series is available in both triple slot and single slot ribbon design assemblies, catering to a range of specific requirements. Moreover, each burner is meticulously crafted to order, allowing for seamless customization of length according to individual needs.

861 WC Burner

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