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Introducing the Flynn Unimixer®, a revolutionary proportional mixing device designed to enhance your mixing experience with the 810 – 2420 Mixer Mixer product. Harnessing the power of air, this advanced device efficiently combines combustible gas and air, delivering a perfectly balanced mixture to your burners. Thanks to its refined design, the Unimixer maintains precise gas-air proportions across all flow rates, even when supplied with zero pressure gas. This exceptional characteristic expands the operational range of your combustion system without the need for higher initial air pressure, while also reducing sensitivity to burner flow characteristics.


The Unimixer incorporates several advantages within its design, ensuring optimal performance and convenience:


Flange connections: The use of flange connections eliminates the need for unions in gas and air lines, streamlining installation and enhancing durability.


Easy access: The entrainment insert of the Unimixer can be easily accessed for inspection, cleaning, or changing capacity without the need to disconnect gas or air lines. This feature simplifies maintenance and saves valuable time.


Universal gas adjuster: The Unimixer is equipped with a versatile gas adjuster that is compatible with various types of gas, providing flexibility and ease of use.


Installation flexibility: Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical setup, or require the device to be positioned on the right or left, the Unimixer offers installation flexibility without the need for special parts. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into your existing system.


Air Control Valve options: The Unimixer is available with either a manual or motorized Air Control Valve, allowing you to choose the control mechanism that best suits your needs.


Experience the ultimate mixing solution with the Flynn Unimixer®, combining efficiency, versatility, and ease of use to elevate your mixing capabilities to new heights.

810 – 2420 Mixer

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