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Introducing the Flynn Unimixer®, a state-of-the-art proportional mixing device designed to revolutionize your combustion processes. With the power of air pressure, this innovative mixer effortlessly blends combustible gas with precision, delivering the perfect mixture to your burners. Experience exceptional performance as the Unimixer® offers high mixture pressures and maintains accurate air-gas proportions across all firing rates, especially when paired with zero pressure gas.


Featuring a wide range of operational capabilities, this remarkable device operates flawlessly with standard combustion air pressure. Say goodbye to the hassle of unionizing gas and air lines with the Unimixer®. Its ingenious design allows for easy inspection, cleaning, and changing without the need to disconnect any gas or air lines. Versatility is key, as this mixer seamlessly adapts to any type of gas, ensuring compatibility no matter your specific requirements.


Monitoring and testing your system's performance is a breeze with the Unimixer®. Thanks to the ample pressure test plugs, you can conveniently check air pressure, gas suction, and mixture pressure. Plus, installation is a breeze as the Unimixer® can be effortlessly positioned in any direction - right, left, up, or down - without the need for any special parts.


Experience efficiency, precision, and ease with the Flynn Unimixer®. Elevate your combustion processes to new heights and enjoy optimal results like never before.

6 Fum Mixer

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