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The DSI systems (Direct Spark Ignition) on industrial ovens have grown and evolved over the years to become key to the quality, efficiency and control of the today’s baking process. Oven operating systems being offered today claim energy efficient, product-enhancing features with simple user interfaces. How many systems can actually live up to this claim?

More and more bakeries are turning to our innovative approach in dealing with age old problems. Combining a new approach with in-depth process knowledge, BakeNet™ provides a complete solution for new ovens, upgrades or modification to existing systems. Absolute, minimal downtime for installation does not even begin to compromise the cutting edge control buried deep within a simplistic, operator friendly, baking solution. BakeNet™ provides features which to date have been unavailable; blown fuse or module failure detection, manual override indication, failed flame count and duration as well as the standard flame failure detection. Our approach does not even end at installation.

Using the Air/Gas Ratio Analyzer (AGRA) we can take your ovens to an efficiency quite simply, unmatched within the industry. For a standard, constant ignition oven, we can usually achieve an annual saving of up to 25% in gas consumption and on a “new” system we can often improve efficiency between 4-6% over and above anything obtained before. Being unique in the industry, we offer services to take your oven closer to “perfect combustion” and lower energy usage. The energy savings alone, should, in nearly all cases provide the return on investment needed to justify the cost of upgrading your oven.

Together with the energy saving technology is our process knowledge. Proven in leading bakeries, our software provides unrivaled active product tracking reducing changeover times to a minimum. Gap Control eliminates flash heat between changeovers and natural product gaps by reacting before a load change is normally detected. Recipe control, progressive cutback, enhanced, cascading PID control, batch reporting are some of the features that are establishing Flynn as the industry leaders in providing the only, currently available complete baking solution.


What is BakeNet™?

Def.- a machine area network designed specifically for industrial baking ovens

BakeNet™ was first conceived in 2005 and has since been developed into a complete baking solution.  It was originally aimed at replacing a DSI system rapidly, thus reducing production downtime to an absolute minimum and allowing replacement of a complete system within the normal production constraints of a modern day bakery. Enhancements now provide benefits on maintenance, production and corporate levels while remaining cost effective. Together with BakeNet™ is the operating software which provides quality improvement and return on investment by actually saving on gas consumption yet delivering improved product quality.

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