Auditor plus 3-way solenoid valve

Flynn Part Number: 485109


Black, Black, Green, 24VDC, 0.43A, Universal connection


Valves are normally closed and exhaust media unless actuated; when actuated, they close the exhaust port and reverse the direction of flow to send media to equipment. They don’t require a minimum pressure drop between the inlet and outlet for operation. Body is 303 stainless steel for good corrosion resistance. Coils are rated IP69 for protection against dust and high-temperature, high-pressure washdowns. The actuator is directly mounted to the valve body to minimize movement and reduce wear.


Used in conjunction with the Flynn Auditorplus to test the low and high gas pressure switches. They operate on electricity to automatically vent or supply gas upon request to test the operation of the switches. They do not constitute any part of the purge safety circuit


Mounted inside the Auditorplus junction box.