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Flynn is a world leader in bakery burners and accessories including: Flame safety modules, ignition & sensing electrodes, gas trains,…

Flame Treating

Flynn Burner Corporation has pioneered Direct Flame Impingement and flame technology for flat webs and three dimensional objects since 1946.


Flynn is a leader in rejuvenating ovens to like new function with new burners and accessories and modern electrical enclosures. For state of the art operation and efficiency, Flynn's Bakenet system will bring your burners into the 21st century.


Flynn plasma analyzers help operators maintain a specific air to gas ratio, for accurate heating and predictable results. They can be used as an integrated solution or as a portable add-on to your flame treating operations.

Upcoming Trade Shows

Flynn Burner will be attending the following Trade Shows and public events. We look forward to seeing you there!

October 8, 2016 to October 11, 2016: The Baking Expo™ (IBIE) 2016
in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In October 2016, more than 20,000 baking professionals from every segment of the grain-based market will converge in Las Vegas for North America’s largest, most comprehensive trade event of the year. Now more than ever, the Baking Expo™ brings it all together, connecting a record number of industry buyers and sellers with the technology, resources and opportunities they need to maximize their success. Read more


Flynn Burner Corporation Relocating to North Carolina, - Bringing 45 Jobs to Mooresville MOORESVILLE, NC -- Flynn Burner Corporation, is the world leader in combustion equipment and oven control systems for the food bake industry, as well as supplying technologically advanced equipment for adhesion promotion in the packaging, plastics and paper industries will relocate headquarters and production from New Rochelle, NY to Mooresville North Carolina in March, of 2015. The move will bring over 45 jobs to Mooresville.
Flynn Balanced Zero Gas Regulators feature a rugged diaphragm actuated valve assembly. Each is sensitively balanced at near zero pressure.

Tech Notes

 Installing an Encapsulated Flame Relay in a BakeNet Trough.
Warning: new pin assignments

Using conversion kit #407721 to install a 407589 or 407738 in the Flame Manager

Instructions for correctly positioning and welding a bent tip electrode on a pipe burner.

Join Joe Digiacomo of Flynn Burner in this video as he explains the operation of an FT Flame Treating System. He will go over the various components in the system and show how they interact.

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